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Here, it's simple: we offer only the best, just like at home!

At Orso, we focus on fresh, local, quality ingredients. It's much more than a breakfast, it's a warm moment where generosity and local roots take pride of place: homemade granola, breads and pastries from the local bakery, coffee roasted in Paris and organic teas. Our honey comes from our ami Laurent Simon in the Oise region, our jams are made in Haute-Savoie, and our cheeses are PDO.

Each product is carefully selected to start your day on the right foot!

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The bar and terrace

From La Coupole to La Closerie des Lilas, Montparnasse's bars were the meeting place of the greatest artists during the Roaring Twenties. The hotel bar was designed in this spirit. A long counter, a play of mirrors, flowery wallpaper softened by warm shades, a beautiful bookcase, an authentic fireplace... The refined, warm atmosphere of this atypical place will immediately envelop you. Chic, but not stuffy, you can enjoy this cocoon for a drink or a moment of relaxation.

The hotel Léopold has also called on its neighbor, the "Maison Edgar", to offer you a menu of traditional Parisian brasserie dishes at all times: fish, meat, vegetarian dishes and gourmet desserts can be ordered at reception and delivered directly to the hotel for you from the sidewalk opposite.

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Your events

Would you like to privatize a Parisian boutique hotel?

Orso's teams will be delighted to help you design your event.

Contact us for a customized proposal.