Hotel Orphée

24h in the Vème, what's on the programme?

Jardin des Plantes © MNHN - J. Munier

Welcome to the 5th arrondissement of Paris, an emblematic district where artists and students mingle between Sainte-Geneviève mountain and the banks of the Seine. In the heart of Paris, the 5th arrondissement is steeped in history, with iconic squares dating back to Antiquity!  

A morning on the banks of the Seine

9am: There's nothing like a typical Parisian breakfast at theHôtel Orphée to start your day in the 5th arrondissement. From dawn onwards, the hotel Orphée offers fresh, home-made produce sourced directly from local artisans. Here, everything is made in not too far away!  

Orso breakfast at the hotel Orphée

10am: Once you've enjoyed your pastries , set off to explore the banks of the Seine via the waterside Jardin Tino Rossi. Here you can admire the weeping willow, flowers and sculptures emblematic of this neighborhood garden.  

Continue on to theArab World Institutea museum dedicated to the arts and culture of the Arab world. On the top floor of this building designed byarchitect Jean Nouvel in 1987, enjoy the view of Notre Dame de Paris and the historic center of Paris.  


12pm: We stay on the water for a while longer, crossing the Pont de Sully to arrive onIle St Louis, a historic haven in the heart of Paris. Once you've visited the island, head back to the left bank via the Pont Saint-Louis to admire Notre Dame de Paris from theÎle de la Cité.  

Notre-Dame de Paris, just a few minutes from the hotel Orphée

An afternoon in the Latin Quarter and Jardin des Plantes  

12:30: Away from the Seine, you'll need to climb Mont Sainte-Geneviève to reach the mythical Panthéon, the nerve center of the Latin Quarter. If the climb is too tough, take a short break on rue Clovis to observe the ruins of Paris' ancient medieval walls.  

Then enjoy a well-deserved lunch at the Streetcar Café Librairie located in a quiet side street at the foot of the Pantheon. Here, you'll find classic Parisian dishes on the go: tartare cut with a knife, or a golden croque-monsieur.  

TRAM librairie, our favorite spot for a Croque Monsieur


2:30pm: Get off to a good start with a visit to the emblematic Sainte Geneviève library (Wednesdays and Sundays by reservation only). Its impressive architecture dates back to the time of Clovis in the 6th century. Its high ceilings, iron vaults and original lampshades take us back in time.  

Sainte-Geneviève Library


15:30: Then take a stroll to the south of the Panthéon district, via rue Mouffetard and Place Monge.  

If you're with children, now's the time to tell them the story of the witch of rue Mouffetard, among the other tales of rue Broca.  

The Contes de la rue Broca are a series of books, also adapted as cartoons or audio books. Each story begins in Monsieur SaĂŻd's grocery store, with his two children Bachir and Nadia, in the5th arrondissement of Paris. Together with their loyal customer and ami Monsieur Paul, they take us to meet a witch who wanted to look younger, a pair of shoes in love, a tap fairy, a kind devil, and other strange characters...

Among them, we particularly like the episode on the witch of rue Mouffetard, set not far from theHôtel Orphée. In this episode, we find ourselves in the emulation of this emblematic street, in the middle of a market into which the witch slips...

4pm: Snack time! Enter the Grande Mosquée de Paris for a traditional mint tea served with delicious gazelle horns.


Head for the Jardin des Plantes, to explore the paths and learn about the power of plants. Created in May 1635 by order of Louis XIII, the garden was intended to train the kingdom's future doctors and apothecaries. Today, the garden is home to the National Museum of Natural History. Visit the Paleontology and Comparative Anatomy gallery, and admire the spectacular skeletons of Diplodocus, Carnotaurus and Triceratops.


Galerie de Paléontologie et d'Anatomie comparée , Paris 5e (  


An evening at the Jardin des Plantes  

6pm: After a day full of discoveries, return to your Boutique Hôtel Orphée and watch l'Etudiantea French classic in which you'll catch a glimpse of the Bibliothèque Sainte Geneviève, visited in the afternoon.  

Hotel room Orphée

The Pitch: A love story between a musician and a student preparing for the agrégation in French. Other typically Parisian shots include the Centre Georges Pompidou.

8pm: The hunger is now being felt from your bed in the Hotel Orphée. No need to venture too far from your cocoon on your way to dinner. Au Bon Coina typical Parisian neighborhood bistro, with an entirely "homemade" cuisine. Here, you can enjoy classic French dishes such as rib-eye steak, fillet of sea bass and tarte tatin to die for, all accompanied by the finest regional wines in an extremely convivial setting.


If you're feeling like a world traveler, head to the Korean restaurant just a stone's throw away from the hotel Orphée for a delicious meal. Bibimbapwith fresh vegetables and marinated chicken. Located a stone's throw from the Jardin des Plantes and the Grande Mosquée de Paris, Bibimbap is the first restaurant in Paris to have made this Korean specialty its trademark!  

10 p.m.: For the more adventurous, you'll have to head for the Mouffetard bowling alley from the late 70s, to immerse yourself in a remake of The Big Lebowski and attempt a strike on one of the 8 lanes. Families are also welcome, with lanes for the little ones, a bar, billiards and arcade games.


So that's the end of our day of discovery in the 5th arrondissement! Between strolls, visits and unusual encounters, this escapade around the Jardin des Plantes will have offered you a concentrate of the very essence of Paris. With its charming alleyways, hidden treasures and unique atmosphere, the 5th arrondissement surprises and delights at every turn. An unforgettable experience that we hope will make you want to come back and explore more of the capital's wonders from one of our Orso hotels!