Le Guide de Survie du Parisien Pendant les JO

10 tips from parisien / Parisian survival guide

1. Crescent or wand: choosing your fight

Two teams, two competitions: croissant or baguette. Like a national sport, these two disciplines represent a Cornelian choice for Parisians. But which to have for breakfast? The crunchy croissant or the baguette Tradition, the undisputed star of the bakery world? Remember, in Paris, even breakfast can be an act of gastronomic resistance.

2. The art of choosing your VĂ©lib

Before getting on a VĂ©lib', always check three things: tire pressure (you don't want to ride with a flat tire), brakes (because a sudden stop may be necessary), and saddle (nobody wants to lose 50 cm at the first jumped cobblestone). Think of your ride as a stage in the Tour de France: be prepared for the unexpected!

3. Adopt the "excuse me

In Paris, "pardon" is like a comma in a sentence. Paris is a dense city. You'll jostle, be jostled, and probably apologize a hundred times a day. Some even end up apologizing to lampposts. And even when you're sitting on a terrace, adopt the "excuse me" line to your barista. Yes, in Paris you're a nuisance when you're ordering!

Stockshots: https://www.unjourdeplusaparis.com/type/image - Garçons de café race Paris 1941
4. Walk, slalom, apologize, start again

In Paris, walking is a sport in itself. You'll have to slalom between tourists, Parisian dogs and parked scooters. The watchwords? Flexibility and courtesy. Don't forget to be extra polite with a smile: it can change your day.

5. Secret plan

In the midst of all this hustle and bustle, the only way to survive is to have a simple, comfortable meeting place, away from the traffic. Can't we find it? No, we found it. In the heart of the hotel WallaceIn the heart of the hotel, perched out of sight, a rooftop with trees and sunshine all day long: Tuco. Cocktails, wine, tapas, peace and sun: paradise?

Tuco, the hotel terrace Wallace
6. A kiss, yes, but not one too many

In Paris, kissing is an art. Two is perfect. Three is too many, and four is a declaration of love. So master the art of the peck and don't pick the wrong cheek. Otherwise, you're in for a moment of Olympic embarrassment.

7. During the Olympics, the best style is Parisian style

Comfort first: t-shirt, jeans, sneakers, whatever the occasion. Don't try to impress with extravagant outfits; Parisian chic is all about simplicity. And with the crowds at the Olympics, it's better to be ready to run a marathon than to walk a fashion show.

8. Learn Franglais

Parisians may not know Shakespeare's language like the back of their hand, but they love to wedge Anglicisms everywhere. A "weekend" in Paris is normal, as is "bruncher" on Sundays. Franglais is English revisited with a Parisian twist.

9. Choose your playground

With the Olympic Games, every district of Paris becomes an arena. Find your ideal playground: the banks of the Seine for a leisurely stroll, Montmartre for a bit of sport up the stairs, or parks like the Jardin du Luxembourg for a bucolic break.

By Caroline from Sortiraparis - Photos by My de Sortiraparis
10. A cool plan: don't tell anyone

The best addresses in Paris are often well-guarded. A small bakery, a hidden bar, a neighborhood restaurant... Keep your discoveries secret and savor those moments of tranquility away from the crowds of the Olympics. After all, the best treasures are those you keep to yourself.

And now you're ready to take on Paris during the Olympic Games like a true local. Good luck and enjoy your stay in the City of Light!