Hotel Rochechouart

The restaurant Rochechouart becomes Maggie

The hotel Rochechouart presents MAGGIE!

The table at the iconic HĂ´tel Rochechouart is now under the spell of Maggie.

The Orso teams have entrusted artistic direction to the Room Service duo, formed by Hubert Niveleau and Gianmarco Gorni, ex-Top Chef and currently at the helm of Vecchio au Perchoir. Faithful to the spirit of the neighborhood, their creativity is expressed through a regressive culinary identity and a touch of mischief.

Maggie sur le Boulevard Marguerite de Rochechouart by LĂ©o Kharfan

Flavours from here with a pinch of elsewhere

Chef Emine Jaidene offers starters with surprising combinations, unconventional dishes and regressive desserts in a very New York vibe!


Shall we start with a cocktail?

At Maggie's, it's a well-oiled ritual to sip before tasting.

Whether on the Rooftop or in the Restaurant, you'll want to stop by the bar before settling in, where signature cocktails set the tone for the evening that's just beginning. Let yourself be tempted by our Spicy Maggie, irresistible and spicy as can be.

Cocktails at Maggie's by LĂ©o Kharfan

New name, new menu, new ambience

On boulevard Marguerite at Rochechouart, you'll find seafood freshly caught at Citrons et Huîtres, pan-fried chipirons, merguez and taggiasche olives (you're allowed to sauté), finger fish with lime mayo (cutlery not allowed) and bikini croque dripping with cheddar and steaming pastrami...

Gourmet finger fishs and egg mayos by LĂ©o Kharfan

At Maggie's, the dishes put up a fight against the conventional: Breton lobster with homemade fries, fish flambéed with thyme - and it smells good! - or spelt au gratin with carrot and mimolette, a vegan option to make carnivores salivate.

Sea bream flambéed with thyme by Léo Kharfan


And when it's time for dessert, Maggie gives us a rejuvenating treat.

The lifting program included a banana (to) split, grandma-style rice pudding and chocolate mousse with homemade cat's tongues for dipping. Isn't it great to be 10?

Don't panic, the house's historic pancake cake is still on the menu!

The mythical crĂŞpe cake in its festive finery by LĂ©o Kharfan

Tonight we're going out, we're forgetting everything

At Maggie's, the party never stops.

6 starters, 6 main courses and 6 desserts escorted by a funk & disco playlist, to get hearts racing and hands dancing.

In the auditorium, the sets waltz around and take the show outside the walls, on the boulevard terrace when the weather is (really) fine, or on the roof from April to October.

To celebrate the weekend, djs are invited to Maggie's from 10pm on Fridays and Saturdays, before dancing the night away at the Mikado a few steps down.


A sunny rooftop overlooking the whole of Paris

As soon as the first rays of sunshine appear, Maggie's rooftop becomes the place to be for Parisians. In this rooftop garden, guests feast and Maggie's spirit reigns supreme under the approving eye of the Sacré-Coeur.

Cocktails and tapas in the sun on the rooftop